Generalized Anxiety Disorder Definition

Generalized Anxiety Disorder Definition

Anxiety is a normal thing to happen on any individual, public reaction against the stress is sometimes accompanied by the appearance of the with anxiety. But anxiety was said to be distorted when individuals can't dampen the anxiety in situations where most people can handle it without any difficulty.

Anxiety can appear in certain situations like speaking in front of the public, a high work pressure, facing the test. Such situations can trigger the appearance of anxiety even fear. However, anxiety disorders appear when the anxiety lasted a long time, there is a change of behavior or the occurrence of changes in body metabolism.

Anxiety disorder is estimated to be 1 in 10 of her people. According to data of the National Institute of Mental Health (2005) in the United States, there are 40 million inhabitants experiencing an anxiety disorder at the age of 18 years until old age. Psikoanalisa experts assumed that the cause of the anxiety of neurotic with the inclusion of the perception of the self, where individuals assume that himself in helplessness, not being able to cope with problems, fear of separation, neglected and as a form of denial of their beloved ones. The feeling-per Assam are located in the subconscious mind that is not realized by the individual.

Psychological approaches are different from each other in the dwarf and the purpose of handling the anxiety. But basically, the dwarf variety of equally encourage the client to deal with and not avoid the sources of their anxiety.

The category of anxiety disorders according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) IV

that often are discussed such as:

1) panic disorder without agoraphobia

2) panic disorder with agoraphobia

3) Agoraphobia without history of panic disorder

4) specific Phobia)

5) Social Phobia

6) Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder)

7) posts Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Acute Stress Disorder) 8

9) generalized anxiety disorder

10) an anxiety disorder that is not defined


Everyone has different reactions to stress depending on the conditions of each, some symptom that appears is not the same. Sometimes some of the symptoms have no effect on the weight of a few individuals, other very disturbing.

1. Pounding accompanied by a rapid heart rate

Anxiety triggers the brain to produce excessive adrenaline on blood vessels that cause heart beat the faster and brings out the flavor of the pounding. But in some cases were found of individuals who experience an anxiety disorder continuum heart rate getting slower than in normal people.

2. Pain or pain in the chest

Anxiety increases the pressure of the muscles of the chest cavity. Some individuals may feel pain or pain in the chest; the condition is often interpreted as a sign of a heart attack which is not. This sometimes gives rise to a sense of panic that aggravates the condition before.

3. A sense of breathlessness

When anxiety appears, the nervous impulses overreact that caused a sensation and shortness of breath, breathing becomes short like breathing difficulties due to loss of air.

4. Excessive Sweating

During anxiety appeared to occur a high body temperature rise. Sweat caused brain prepare for fight or flight planning against stressor

5. Loss of sexual desire or decreased interest in sexual activity

6. Sleep disorders

7. Body shaking

Shaking is the thing that can be experienced by people who are normal in a scary situation or make him nervous, but on individuals who experience an anxiety disorder and nervous fear that excessive expressed, a sense of shaky on legs or arms, as well as on the part of the body to another.

8. Hands or the member body became cold and bevering

9. Anxiety depression gave rise to the idea and the desire to commit suicide

10. Health disorders often feel like headaches (migraines).

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