Anxiety Disorders Test

Anxiety Disorder Test - Is There Such A Thing As A Test To See If You Have An Anxiety Disorder

Everyday life is full of stress and anxiety. Rushed deadlines, screaming kids, a multitude of responsibilities, bills to be paid and traffic to be sat in. So stress is part of everyday life. But an anxiety disorder is different from stress. It is a diagnosable and treatable disorder. But is there such a thing as an anxiety disorder test to tell if anxiety is definitely what you are suffering from?

The simple answer is "no". There is no blood or urine test that can determine if you are suffering from an anxiety disorder. There are definite symptoms of anxiety, but there is nothing that will show up on a brain scan. SO how do you know if you are dealing with anxiety or not?

First off, anxiety is different from stress. Although there is no definitive anxiety disorder test as such, the symptoms of anxiety fall across a spectrum and the more of the symptoms that you experience, the more likely it is that you are suffering from an anxiety disorder. While some of these symptoms are the same as stress symptoms, stress tends to be more around a certain incident. For example, you can be stressed when you have a big deadline at work, a big test coming up, you are overwhelmed because you have family coming to visit for the holidays. Stress has a lot to do with being overwhelmed and having too much to do. But in general, stress dissipates when the situation has passed, whereas with an anxiety disorder the symptoms are ongoing, and often it is very difficult to articulate what you are actually anxious about.

So here are a list of symptoms of anxiety. Again, the more of these that apply to you, the more likely it is that you are suffering from a generalized anxiety disorder.

sleep issues. Either problems falling asleep or waking up restless and tense and being unable to get back to sleep stomach issues. Acid in the stomach. Lack of appetite. Excessive bloating or loose bowel movements generally being irritable. being inflexible. You feel stressed when plans change and become less and less willing to move outside your routine. suffering from a general sense of foreboding. Worrying that something bad is going to happen worrying that you are or will be unable to cope with situations obsessive thoughts or rituals. Obsessing about details that seem unimportant to others suffering from actual panic attacks with shortness of breath, sweating, faintness, hysteria or a feeling of disorientation.

So you can see that this is a long list of symptoms of anxiety. You may have some of them, or all of them. But in lieu of an anxiety disorder test, a doctor will usually examine how many of these symptoms you have and how negatively they impact your life.

You should know that stress in life is normal. Excessive anxiety is not. there are many ways to cope with anxiety, as well as ways to stop anxiety for good. Please don't delay in getting help if you feel you suffer from these symptoms of anxiety. Good help is out there are you should not let anxiety ruin your life.

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